Bowling Green Maintenance

We are trusted experts in Bowling Green Sports Turf Maintenance with proven results.

ProTurf Australia - Sports Turf Specialists

Construction Projects

ProTurf Australia manages small and large scale Sport Field construction projects from the ground up.

ProTurf Australia - Sports Turf Specialists

Consultancy & Renovations

We have been providing consultancy services in Sydney Sport field management for over 30 years.

ProTurf Australia - Sports Turf Specialists

      Sports Turf Specialists

      ProTurf Australia

      Proturf Australia was formed in 1987 and has been providing expert Bowling Green maintenance, renovation, construction and consultancy services in this time. We also have experience in most other sports turf industries including golf course, cricket, croquet and sports field services.

      Proturf has developed a good reputation in this time for providing a high quality and professional service.